Feel good films

for big hearted businesses

Greg Lander Williams

Creative Visual Director

"Greg's visual flair, combined with his entertaining and engaging way of telling stories, makes him a sought after director."

Telling positive stories about people in life and business is what I do best. My work with Moor Heart Media allows me to produce bespoke video content, promotional films, client case studies and social media reels that help good hearted businesses thrive. Which is a pretty good feeling!

For over 15 years I've been making films and love it just as much as the day I picked up my dad's old camera. Starting on commercials and drama before forging a career directing and producing prime time television in the UK and abroad. I've been fortunate to direct multi award winning productions, been named a Broadcast Magazine "Hot Shot", become an honorary Commando and met a bunch of brilliant, talented people along the way...some of whom I call upon to help make compelling content with Moor Heart Media.

Take a butcher's at Greg's documentary work


Britain's Ocean Warriors


Series Producer Director

Win the Wilderness


Series Director

999: What's Your Emergency?

Channel 4

Series Director

Greg has a decisive attitude and a unique passion, motivation and dedication for storytelling. His moral compass and genuine enthusiasm are attributes that ensure he always delivers authentic contributions and intimate access.

Melanie Leach

South Shore Productions

Greg's abundant warmth and kindness teamed with his admirable courage and fearlessness are a winning combination.  He's a really visual director, and a charmingly winning interviewer. Don't hire him, so that we always can.

David Hodgkinson

Blast! Films

Tilly Lander Williams

Creative Content Director

"Tilly has a way of making you feel so special when she works with you - she is your biggest champion."

Helping our clients understand and develop their brand messaging is my jam. I also provide copywriting and digital marketing support. I love to see the results we get for our clients, they almost always fall in love with their business again, with a renewed excitement for what they do. That's the magic of authentic storytelling. 

My working life started in law but after having children I retrained in digital marketing and copywriting. I specialise in case studies - which are stories of why your customers needed your product and service, how it changed their life and what results it brought about. This expertise feeds perfectly into the work we do at Moor Heart Media. I am very involved in the beginning part of our client's journey: making sure they understand their brand direction and marketing goals and making sure that the film team have enough information to craft the best content. I am also involved in how to market the video online. As a female business owner, I'm passionate about helping other women succeed and have recently created Moor Heart Copy, a new division of Moor Heart Media Ltd, that's focused on supporting creative, female-led businesses with their copywriting.  

Tilly has a way of making you feel so special when she works with you - she is your biggest champion. We felt completely at ease and confident when Tilly was liaising with our clients and that is something that is very important to us.

Carly & Mel

Make Social Ltd

Tilly's case study service was a genuine revelation. She was able to hone in on the essence of our relationship with a client and uncover beneficial insights into our achievements and professional approach.

Jane Pierce

Harissa PR